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Green Blue
Buildings & land use


The PETUS database is located on the left hand side of the website and presents information on a sector basis to enable ease of access to data to make PETUS as practical as possible.

For each sector - energy, waste, water & sewage, transport, green/blue and building and planning the following information is provided:

  • a sector definition that will include an introduction to the sector, important issues, indicators and benchmarks, cross sector links and references relating to each sector. This will be particularly useful for end users to understand sectors that are less familiar to them.

  • Case studies to illustrate the incorporation of sustainability into real projects for end users to learn from. Information is presented for approximately 60 cases includes a project summary, project description, application of tools, opinion of tools, decision making process and contact details are presented for each case study.

  • Tools that have been used within the case studies and a selection of tools that have been reviewed as part of wider literature review and that are considered by the PETUS team to be practical for use.

  • EU Legislation associated with sustainability are included in PETUS together with a web link to the EU website where further information can be obtained.