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What is the matrix for?
The matrix has been developed to assist the process of increasing sustainability in the decision making process of a project over time. The matrix includes questions relating to the different stages of a project/plan or programmes development and also the different issues that should be considered at the different stages. The matrix is applicable for different stakeholders who are interested or involved in project development.

How can I use the matrix?
The titles along the top of the matrix represent different aspects that should be considered at each stage of a project. These include:

  • Project details,

  • Tools/methods/indicators,

  • Public/stakeholder participation,

  • Decision making,

  • Communication,

  • Outputs.

The different stages of a project are listed along the side of the matrix:

  • Baseline - gathering information

  • Objectives/identify alternatives

  • Key impacts

  • Evaluate alternatives

  • Propose improvements

  • Reporting

  • Monitoring

For each box within the matrix a series of questions or prompts are included that will help you to consider sustainability issues, assist with the decision making process and to keep a record of developments of your project overtime.

By clicking on:

  • an individual box questions relating to that box only will be displayed,

  • a column title such as "Project details" all of the questions relating to that column will be displayed,

  • a row title such as "baseline" all of the questions relating to that row will be displayed.

The boxes that the questions that are shown relate to are highlighted in blue.

On clicking on an individual question you are presented with two data entry boxes.

  • The first box enables you to enter a response to the question,

  • The second box provides you with a notebook facility. This box can be used to record any additional information that you may want to refer to at a later date such as meetings held, stakeholders involved etc..

Click on the update question to register the response.

When a response has been entered into the answer box the red light next to the question in the list will turn green. As questions for a box in the matrix are completed the box will be shaded a darker green to illustrate that this stage and aspect has been considered. This will enable you to identify stages or aspects that may be neglected.

Please note - Not all questions will be applicable to every project due to the project type, size or the stage of the project. Therefore it is expected that the completed PETUS matrix will usually be composed of white, light green and dark green boxes

Example matrix

A pdf version of a completed matrix of the PETUS case study: Municipal Energy Efficiency Programme is available for download, to assist users with the completion of the web matrix. Example matrix (.pdf)

Links with the Strategic Environmental Assessment
PETUS aims to add to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). By following a similar procedure to SEA, PETUS will provide an introduction to SEA at a basic level. End users utilising PETUS will follow a procedure that can be converted into an SEA as the steps involved are similar. PETUS is therefore considered to be supportive to achieve the various steps in the SEA procedure and not to replace it.

An SEA is a method of considering the impacts of certain plans, programmes and policies on the environment such as Transport Infrastructure Plans. This does not cover projects such as the development of an airport or a housing regeneration scheme which are covered by an Environmental Impact Assessment.

The terms or stages common to both PETUS (in the matrix) and the SEA include:

  • Establishing baseline information,

  • Defining objectives and identifying alternatives,

  • Defining key impacts and describing indicators, methods and tools,

  • Evaluate alternatives, defining solutions,

  • Proposing improvements,

  • Report on findings,

  • Consider monitoring.

Show SEA stage links to PETUS
By clicking on the logo in the top left hand box of the matrix, boxes illustrating the SEA stages and the association with PETUS are displayed to the right of the matrix.

Using PETUS as a decision support system, compliance with SEA can be supported through the planning steps and the requirements for implementation,

To access the Matrix, register and/or log in to the Guidance side (right hand side) of PETUS